Surety Partners Featured
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“The team at SPOA really took the time to understand our company. They recognized our growth plans and worked with us to get the bonding we needed to reach the next level.

It’s because of their partnership approach to underwriting that we’ve doubled our capacity over the last two years.”

- Owner, NJ General Contractor
“Three years ago, we had an opportunity to bid a job that was much larger than we had handled in the past. After hearing 'no' from several bonding companies, the folks at SPOA found a way to say 'yes' by tailoring a program we ultimately used to prove ourselves as more than capable of handling larger projects.

We’ve been with them ever since and we continue to grow every year.”

- Owner, NY/NJ General Contractor

“It still amazes me how quickly this team responds. Even after a year and a half, I still feel that the success of my business is a priority to them.

They continually make every effort to get us what we need, even if it’s last minute. At this point, SPOA is more than a service provider for us; they are valuable members of our team.”

– Owner, PA/NJ General Contractor

Our Vision

Our vision for a Surety company was originally conceived by our founders more than a decade ago. Since we opened the doors at Surety Partners of America in 2009, we’ve been busy redefining the value that the surety industry provides to its customers by differentiating ourselves through the concept of true partnership.

To that end, we sought to innovate and provide a rare and distinctive level of customer service through new processes, products and technology. We do not merely service our clients; we partner with them and collaborate to find constructive solutions that help them sustain and grow their business.




Partnership was the seminal idea behind the founding of our company. It is so central to what we do that we realized we had to put it right in our name. We believe that partnership is more than just a mutually beneficial alignment of self-interest.

The Partnerships we build are sustained relationships that generate much greater value as a whole than individuals are capable of on their own. The crucial ingredients of this partnership are integrity, ingenuity, responsiveness and hard work.

These values forge relationships which endure and inspire loyalty, freedom and trust. Isn’t that the foundation America was built on in the first place?




Surety Partners featured in
NJBIZ Magazine.
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Sean R. Henderson, CPA, has joined Surety Partners of America as chief financial officer.